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NL Oriental

Located in the heart of East St. Paul, NL Oriental Food & Deli feels like returning to a Hmong kitchen.

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China Restaurant

Eating at China Restaurant was an intense personal experience - Paulina grew up in China Restaurant.

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Everest On Grand

Everest on Grand is a small corner red brick restaurant that carries dishes from Nepal, Tibet, and North India.

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Peninsula Malaysian

Peninsula Malaysia is located on Eat Street, which is a popular street (Nicollet Avenue) for ethnic food in Minneapolis.

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Sushi Takatsu

When I (Paulina) worked in downtown Minneapolis, there was one place that would brighten up my day from my sad office: Sushi Takatsu. It’s an amazing, secret find that many people don’t know about unless they work downtown.

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Darbar India Grill

This week, we visited Darbar India Grill located in Uptown Minneapolis. If it weren’t for COVID-19, the restaurant would be a great place to celebrate an event or have a romantic date.

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Manila Sizzling Wok & Grill

Manila Sizzling Wok & Grill is one of the best restaurants we have been to - not only just during our project, but we dare to say that it’s one of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities.

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Quang is one of the most well-known Vietnamese restaurants in the Twin Cities. They are located on Eat Street, which is a popular avenue in Minneapolis for immigrant restaurants.

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Hai Hai

Hai Hai is a Southeast Asian street food restaurant located in Northeast Minneapolis. Now that we are both fully vaccinated, we had the opportunity to dine-in - and luckily, Hai Hai has one of the dreamiest interiors one can imagine.

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Today’s COVID-19-related racism has contributed to the decline in business for Asian restaurants in the Twin Cities. Minnesota Rice showcases authentic Asian cuisine in the Twin Cities from 15 ethnicities spanning Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia.

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